September 25th, 2017

The White Cell created events for the Training Audience to train their procedures for cooperation with civilian structures. Vigorous Warrior 2017 trained the interoperability and maneuverability of NATO and partner Nations’ medical support system, including responsiveness to a possible biological incident, in a civil military context, in order to be prepared to medically support Joint Multinational Operations.

As the Euro-Atlantic security faces even more complex challenges, all the relevant political, civilian and military stakeholders must have their voices heard for the Alliance to be prepared for the road ahead. To ensure that the Alliance remains an unparalleled community of freedom, peace, security, and shared values, NATO must continue fulfill its crisis management role. A stable relationship must be developed between the Alliance and civil society actors having the expertise to support both the planning and training of NATO forces and the effective management of a crisis, be it in a scenario or in real life.

In November 2016, NATO MILMED COE and Strategikon established a partnership for the development of the political scenario of MILMED COE’s Exercise Vigorous Warrior 2017. The political scenario placed medical support in a broader international context while taking into account the changing nature of the Euro-Atlantic security environment.

Eugen Valeriu Popa, Strategikon Vice – President and coordinator of the International Security department: “Strategikon and NATO MILMED COE base their successful collaboration on their common mission in fostering dialogue and transnational cooperation for the promotion of peace, security, and prosperity and their mutual recognition that a comprehensive civilian, political and military approach is necessary to manage crisis effectively and to maximize coherence and effectiveness of the overall international efforts as referred to in the NATO Strategic Concept 2010 and the 2014 Wales Summit Declaration. For the past year, we and our partners in Budapest and Berlin enjoyed a truly collaborative relationship. We are honoured to be part of the efforts to strengthen NATO collective defence and enhance Allies’ readiness level“.

NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (MILMED COE) is the only multinational centre, dealing with military medicine at the international level, on a full time basis. MILMED COE is designated by the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS) to be the information knowledge management centre in the field of military medicine, having a central role in medical training policy within NATO and actively acting in order to optimize the interoperability process in medical support within and outside the Alliance.

Strategikon is a knowledge hub, informing people who share a passion for our fields of work, fostering dialogue between decision makers and academia, and offering leadership and policy guidelines to stakeholders, in the fields of International Security, European Union Affairs, and Good Governance.

The 2017 edition of the Strategikon Annual Book – The Year of Challenging Choices

The 2017 edition of the Strategikon Annual Book – The Year of Challenging Choices

It’s not easy to be a leader, but the solution is closer than people may think and it has to do with returning to some good old fashioned traits that shaped leaders in past decades: will power, values and vision. Launched at the Good Governance Summit, The Year of Challenging Choices strives to understand the fault lines in international relations and the relevant actors, as they are and not how they appear to be.

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